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HEH 31: Dude! Get away from my Chicken!!

Daniel kicks things off by trying to enjoy some fried chicken, but is foiled by his cats. From there we chat about our design process and making sure it fits the larger university brand. Then we try to figure out the definition of a landing page.

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HEH 29: Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!

The conversation tonight includes things learned via penetration testing at GVSU, what we know about retention policies at our schools (Internet Archive?) and content update policies. We also learn that GVSU Library has puppets you can check out… like a lot of puppets!

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HEH 28: We’re doin’ it live!!!! (3 of us anyway)

Daniel is in Iowa City visiting Ken and Scott, so they are podcasting from the same location at the University of Iowa Libraries. Dan and Dave join remotely to discuss personal sites and hosting on campus and focus groups and how the kids use the internets these days.

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