High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 31: Dude! Get away from my Chicken!!

HEH 31: Dude! Get away from my Chicken!!

Daniel kicks things off by trying to enjoy some fried chicken, but is foiled by his cats. From there we chat about our design process and making sure it fits the larger university brand. Then we try to figure out the definition of a landing page.

  • Design process
  • How do you design within a university brand?
    • Slight customization in the GVSU CMS (fairly locked in templates)
    • Everyone (at all levels) use the same templates in the CMS at GVSU
    • University of Iowa is very decentralized and web varies department to department.
    • MSU does a nice job with branding/web with a more open policy
    • Nebraska does a single web template created by the web community on campus
    • Libraries use some lower level pages to do some of the design experimentation.
  • What is a landing page?
    • One thing to do on a page (conversion button or form)
    • Keep navigation in place to allow for exploration if a user wants to do that.