High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 26: Daniel’s Wallet got Poop on it!

HEH 26: Daniel’s Wallet got Poop on it!

How do we handle user tracking and privacy policies for our university? What do we do for retargeting and advertising? What do we all use personally to keep our internet usage private?

He got a new one https://www.crabbygear.com/

Privacy policies on our sites

  • User tracking is somewhat new in higher edu, but commercial sites have been tracking you for a long time.
  • When is it ok for a company to track you?
    • Amazon showing other things you’d be interested in based on purchases
    • Google Now showing cards or news based on actions
    • Facebook “hide this story” and “don’t show as much from this person”
    • Retargeting in general with products seems to be the most obviously bad.
  • Retargeting
    • Brand awareness – just showing full university brand to visitors
    • Specific program retargeting for visitors to specific program pages
  • How do you associate content and ads with the correct users?
  • How do you personally keep things private?