High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 35: Don’t Wear Earmuffs Over AirPods

HEH 35: Don’t Wear Earmuffs Over AirPods

Ken tells us all about his trip to WordCamp Minneapolis. We dig into cloud hosting (mainly for CMS), and get a bit into using Docker.

Ken has Apple AirPods (and likes them)

Wordcamp Minneapolis (~200 people)

  • Keynote was about technology industry and mental health
  • The community behind WP is very involved
  • Rest API
  • PODS (for adding fields to WP) vs. Advanced Custom Fields
    • PODS is very connected to WP Core
    • ACF is further outside of WP Core
  • Drush (for Drupal) = WordPress CLI
  • Pantheon was there for cloud WP hosting

Cloud Hosting

  • Iowa uses Acquia for Drupal hosting starting discussions for WP cloud hosting
  • Helpful for automatically updates, but also scary (more for Drupal).
  • GVSU hosts locally (no cloud)
  • UALR is invested in virtualization

Iowa Admissions uses AWS for a custom video to render thousands of videos for students. It builds itself, runs and then destroys itself.

Anybody used Docker?