High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 32: Back to the Boob: The Quilt Situation

HEH 32: Back to the Boob: The Quilt Situation

Scott had a son, and is adjusting to life as a new parent (and the time he took off work). The GVSU guys jump back into accessibility training with a new consultant…. and then somehow the conversation transitions to quilts.

Scott had a son, and talks about paternity leave and FMLA and paternity/maternity leave at universities. Additional, he is very very very very sleep-deprived.

GVSU engaged Deque Systems for accessibility training.

  • They gave the GVSU site an A… NOT an A+ (because the bottom of the drop-down menus did not go to the next menu)
    …shame on Daniel!!!
  • If someone is deaf from birth, they initially learn ASL before learning english.
  • Working accessibility into the dev process – get involved early. Checklists were provided to different roles on the team (content, dev, design, front-end).
  • How do you keep content creators following accessibility standards? GVSU is thinking about requiring training before handing over the keys to the CMS.

How is accessibility handled centrally at universities?

How much time does your dev team spend trying to fix your site for older versions of browsers that make up 2% of your audience? Accessibility is a much larger percentage and we don’t focus on that.