High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 22: Inject this into your SQL!

HEH 22: Inject this into your SQL!

Tonight the High Ed Hangout gents talk about security and what they’re doing to make their sites more secure. They also chat about rolling out new features and updating their CMS.

Possible SQL injection attack on GVSU reported by a student

GVSU is rolling out new CMS – what’s the best way to roll it out to users? It was prompted by the new website users wanting the new design.

  • Stage both at the same time and let users try the new prior to it being pushed to everyone.
  • How are new features added to the CMS?
    • Web team brainstorms based on comments and groups common features together for roll-out.
  • What are the best requested features for the CMS?
    • Best: form builder (also complicates things with very complex forms)
    • Pick template colors

How do you handle staging on your CMS?

  • Is there a temporary area where things can go before they go live since most CMS’s are published live.
  • Enterprise CMS have features like this (they need to)
  • There are workflow modules to make this work, but the overhead to roll something like that out is almost more trouble than it’s worth.

Dan & Dave going to CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Feb.

Ken wants to go to UX Lib