High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 34: He Touched my Fanny!

HEH 34: He Touched my Fanny!

It’s a random conversation this time, folks. We chat Zime (it’s back!), Dan getting stopped by the TSA, some future conferences, new podcasts we enjoy and Dave’s classes starting this fall.


The US asking for passwords to your phone at the border.

TSA always asks to touch Dan’s belly.

Dan accidently took the wrong bag once (that was filled with bibles and whitey tighties)

Ken is going to Wordcamp in Minneapolis, MN regional tomorrow (tune in next week for a report)

UALR is starting a new funding model based on completion.

Any new podcasts?

How do you protect university business from hackers and phishers (hr forms etc)?

Dave talks about his master’s classes starting this fall.