High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 30: Happy One Year Anniversary!!

HEH 30: Happy One Year Anniversary!!

It starts with the weather, moves on to politics, and then to religion (or at least a TV show slightly about religion) before the conversation moves on to discussions about college applications and how to improve their usability.

  • It’s storming in Iowa and Daniel lives in tornado alley.
    (small talk about the weather)
  • Presidential Politics with a question for the future.
    (small talk about politics)
  • Religion? American Gods on Starz
    (small talk about religion)


  • GVSU and Iowa are working on updating their admissions applications
    • Iowa needs to be responsive and is just working on removing friction points for users.
    • GVSU is doing a similar thing.
    • Currently we all have different app logins than our student single-sign-on login. It’s many systems talking to each other and transitioning from one to another.
    • How do you show the large list of majors available at a university? College > Major? How does a student narrow that list?
    • Setup instructions ahead of time and let student know what materials they need, how much it costs, how long it takes before even throwing them to the app.
    • How do we narrow down the app from the 9+ app we have for different student types? We need to be asking the correct questions to get a student where they need to be automatically and not have them use higher ed terminology (which they don’t know) to get to the correct place.
    • How do you enter phone numbers to make it easier for the user