High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 24: How I Learned to Love the (Ginger Beer) Bomb

HEH 24: How I Learned to Love the (Ginger Beer) Bomb

People keep uploading HUGE images, so we chat about the best ways to handle automatically optimizing them via the various CMS tools. We also dip into usability and card sorting exercises.

Ken has an issue with people uploading non-optimized LARGE images. What’s the best way to deal with that?

  • Img tag can use “srcset” which you can pass a list including the path and width of the image with multiple images so that the browser doesn’t need to download the image to know the width.
  • “sizes”
  • How do we make images smaller (file size)?
  • Managed Image Content Areas
    • File size (compression, img data optimization, stripping meta/exif data)
    • Resizing
    • Cropping
    • Dynamic size use (srcset, sizes)
    • File Format conversion/use
    • Load/Pre-loading (lazy loading)
  • WordPress Tools
  • Drupal Cropping Tool
  • Outside Services for Compression

Card Sort for usability