High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 60: How to Open After a Pandemic

HEH 60: How to Open After a Pandemic

Our various states are starting to open up and our schools are starting to discuss opening in the fall as well. What does that look like? Is it too soon? How do we make that happen?

  • Arkansas is opening the state again! Yay?
  • Iowa will be opening soon.
  • The difference between virtual vs in person
    • Finding digital processes to replace old paper process
  • Many companies might move to remote after this is over and not pay high real estate prices.
  • Let’s turn university building into retreat space and think about how we use university building differently.
  • Will we be able to work remotely after this is over?
  • Is it safe to open colleges in the fall?
  • We’re seeing a lot of announcements right now (up to May 1 decision date)
  • DANIEL IS BACK IN HIS HOUSE!! (after it got hit by a tree in June)
    • Added a bunch of super-tech