High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 51: Poopin’ Balls

HEH 51: Poopin’ Balls

It’s been a while since we gathered to record, so we reminisce for a bit before talking about poop (in relation to Andre’s upcoming podcast “Oopsie Poopsie”). We hit on recent travels, and then before concluding quickly mention websites.

  • Andrea’s podcast (Oopsie Poopsie) is coming soon… and so we talk about poop for a good while.
  • Dave and Dan went to Europe
    • Dave had a life-changing Chocolate Souffle
    • “The Chocolate Bomb”
  • Daniel is traveling this summer
  • Little Rock, AR has some great food!
  • Daniel joined a D&D league
  • Thank god for the Hazelnut!
  • Michigan legalized Marijuana
  • Our websites are all doing well.