High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 45: Dan is Dunky

HEH 45: Dan is Dunky

Dan has had a bit to drink tonight so we get to hear a few funny stories from him. Dave tells us about his trip to Austin for SXSW Edu.

Ken has a New Mac Smell candle

Dave went to SXSW Edu

  • A lot about equality and movements
    • First gen students or millennial and teachers
    • We instead of Me – students wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • How many colleges are getting rid of textbooks because they are too expensive (~50% of tuition on average)
  • First Gen Dreamer Student talked about how high schools aren’t preparing students for college.
  • How we treat students who are expelled or put in detention and how it puts students behind and leads to a worse situation for the student.
  • Media literacy and teaching students to tell real/fake news.
    • This will many times send people down the wrong path.
    • Combat by having students take a fact and try to push it from each side’s agenda


Dan talks about how magnets are going to change the world’s energy problems.