High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 43: GD GDPR


Dan is drinking the best wine ever, Dave is moving, Daniel is going to Greece. Everything is going great… until GDPR hits. What is it? What are we doing about it? We end on a lighter note and talk about the shows we are watching.

  • The best wine ever (from S. Africa) Diemersfontein
  • Dave is moving again and has finally started on his new house.
  • Daniel is going to Greece

EU General Data Protection (GDPR)

  • Very hard to comply because of segmentation
  • It covers anyone (citizens and non-citizens) in the EU
  • Large fines for not complying
  • Personally, this is good for privacy, but a bear to comply with. In principle this is a consumer focused positive thing.
  • EDUCAUSE and EU GDPR (GDPR explained)
  • InsideHigherEd GDPR

Dave is preparing to go to SXSW Edu in a few weeks

WCAG Luminosity Contrast Ratio Analyzer (Chrome Extension)

What we’re watching: Altered Carbon, AlphaGo, The Internet’s Own Boy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, American Vandal, Icarus