High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 41: The Search Search

HEH 41: The Search Search

The HEH dudes talk about what they got for the holidays, any new conference attendances and then dig in on a new site search tool for GVSU, who needs to move away from the Google Appliance.

Google Home tricks and games

What did we get for Christmas?

  • Dan got a Nest Thermostat and a Chromecast
  • Daniel got socks and Wine and Beer
  • Scott got Bluetooth earbuds
  • Ken got an Amazon Fire Stick (doesn’t offer anything more than his current Apple TV)

Conferences this year?

  • Scott is doing a leadership workshop on campus (7 months) so no off campus conference this year
  • Daniel wants a developer conference for teams working together.
  • Dave is going to SXSWEdu
    • Another good one is Digital Summit (in various cities)
  • Ken is looking at ELUNA (library specific conference)
  • Dan is not sure yet but looking for a good developer conference (liked Smashing Conference a couple years ago)

Google Custom search updates for GVSU

glowing sunlight

Scott is glowing.