High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 40: If you sell alcohol… please sponsor us!

HEH 40: If you sell alcohol… please sponsor us!

Dan got a new phone (cheap!), Dave got rid of Facebook, Daniel updated WordPress, Scott likes Reply All Podcast, Ken is scared of browser fingerprinting… and MORE!

Dave deleted his FB account. There’s a place where FB shows you what it knows about you. Your Information > Your Categories

Daniel just barely missed out on ordering his iPhone X

Dan bought a $100 (Moto E4) Android device and scratched the phone and wasn’t sure if he should buy a new phone or a new screen for $50. (he drank too much cider)

UALR updated WordPress a few months ago and started to evaluate plugins and scripts. A file permissions script didn’t finish and left them in an incorrect state. In that state, WP could not see the plugins folder and deactivated themselves. Many parts of the site went down.

GVSU pushed an update that broke the headers on the CMS.

GVSU accidentally put some policies on a prod server vs. dev and it was all OK.

UALR has change meetings and change boards to monitor large system/enterprise changes. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ITIL)

Reply All podcast talks about how FB connects the dots of soooo many points of data. People think that FB is listening to you but it’s more their use of data.

Browser Fingerprinting https://amiunique.org/