High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 38: Pajama or Pa-jah-ma?

HEH 38: Pajama or Pa-jah-ma?

Should Daniel get an iPhone X? We all weigh in on his tech purchase. We also chat about the Digital Summit Conference, how the new GVSU Admissions app is going and password vaults – is the cloud safe for your passwords?

Thoughts on the iPhone X

  • VERY expensive for what?
  • Daniel is going to get one anyway! (Apple payment plan)
  • Interface very similar to WebOS
  • Facial recognition is nice
  • The inductive charging (also WebOS) was a nice addition

Digital Summit Conference

  • One of GVSU went to this conference that was similar to SXSW

Daniel looking at salable WordPress

  • Splitting content/media across servers
  • Docker is all about containers and only gives you what you need for your project

GVSU Admissions App

  • Going well – undergrad almost done, moving on to grad
  • What’s different between grad and undergrad apps?

Dave talks about security and hacks he learned about

  • Equifax
  • Hillary Hack

Password vaults

  • Cloud vs local

Equifax is sending people to phishing sites