High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 37: Milking Nuts

HEH 37: Milking Nuts

Where does almond milk come from? We have a (maybe too in-depth) conversation to try to figure it out. We also chat about a bunch of other randomness including google tracking, home assistants (Google Home and Echo), and Dan’s upcoming Magic the Gathering event.

  • A discussion on Almond (and various other) milks
  • Dave got a Google Home (and it’s great!) – Scott has an Amazon Echo and it’s great too (but not quite as great).
  • Dan learned that Google was tracking him (google maps timeline) and we all learned that we were tracked as well – we think it’s google maps use.
  • Admission census data came out today. Iowa has the smartest (highest ave gpa) that they’ve ever had.
  • UALR has a high school on their campus.
  • Iowa is breaking up admit communication process
  • GVSU has more dogs and service animals on campus
  • Dan is going to a Magic the Gathering Event coming up
    • We think he should wear a wizard outfit.