High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 19: Present-day Screwups and Misspent Youth

HEH 19: Present-day Screwups and Misspent Youth

A site gets destroyed (temporarily), and how we all test our sites and prepare for the worst. We also talk about our favorite childhood games.

Ken destroys his Iowa Library site

  • Testing with the new google tester
  • Used a plugin for compression (w3 total cache plugin)
  • Got all 100’s (because an error 500 page loads REALLY quickly)

Iowa Library overwrote a site

  • Overwrote /maps with /maps (an actual site)

Arizona launched a new primary website

  • The server was not configured correctly for Drupal and failed under normal traffic.

Dave did load testing

  • Learned that the internet connection was not good enough and the load balance was failing on that.

Dave created a site for site administrator and not the actual users of the site

  • Failed badly and had to rewrite – was a learning experience

UALR set up 250+ WordPress (stand-alone) installations on a single server

  • The server still exists and they have been working on migrating into a single wordpress network

What do we want to be when we grow up?

Play: Wizardry on the Apple II

Read: Ready Player One (movie coming out soon)

Favorite Childhood Games:

  • Dan: Pokemon (gameboy)
  • Dave: Thexter
  • Daniel: Myst
  • Scott: Lode Runner