High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 18: Is This Good for the COMPANY?

HEH 18: Is This Good for the COMPANY?

The gang talks about the what new strategies and goals they have for their schools/sites. It covers speed, new applications, and updates to the CMS. They also look into web boot camps for new hires.

What’s 2017 going to be in your area? Strategies? Goals?

  • GVSU
    • Upgrade to the CMS to reflect the new design of the home page
      • Caching, less server load
    • Admissions application rewrite – accessibility/usability
    • Increase grad enrollment (marketing/web) – giving it a lot of attention for the first time (centrally)
  • Iowa Admissions
    • Admissions application rewrite – responsive
      • It’s hard to drop in those random misc required questions in a way that works with the rest of the application. A possible solution is to visit it regularly and look at the big picture.
    • New digital marketing/tracking system
  • Iowa Libraries
    • Support systems/pages for content developers
    • New Style Guide (or pattern library)
      • Interface consistency (elements) – “This is how it looks”
    • Audit for usability and accessibility
    • Survey web users/audience (pop-up on top pages)
    • Standardize development workflow
    • New library search interface
  • UALR
    • Integrate CMS with other systems
      • API to standardize systems
        • Student portal -> content wide
            • Grow/nurture a new team
              • Workflow? Tell Stories.

Web/Online Boot Camps/Training

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