High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 17: Dang It the Cat Threw up… Hold On

HEH 17: Dang It the Cat Threw up… Hold On

For some reason throw-up is a common thread to kick this one off. Dan’s cat throws up, and Dave and Dan take a trip which involves a (rather humorous) throw-up story as well involving an airplane barf bag. We also chat about web infrastructure in other parts of the world, and how much we hate (HATE!) mobile ads.

Dan and Dave traveled to Africa.
Dave and Andrea get sick. Dave washes his pants.

Sister institution travel

  • Dave traveled to Africa to visit a web team there 4 years ago.
  • Widernet Project
    • eGranary digital library (local internet)
  • What is infrastructure like in Africa and India?

Intrusive web ads

  • There’s a point where ads push you away from the actual content.
  • Google has started to hurt pagerank on sites with intrusive ads.
  • The scrolly-sucky ad that you need to scroll out of the way.

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