High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 16: Ken Got Hitched!

HEH 16: Ken Got Hitched!

Ken goes to an island and gets married. GVSU looks at taking over web representation of grad programs, We talk about staff training opportunities and communities that our individual universities provide.

Leroyyyy Jenkins!

GVSU, after looking at analytics has taken over grad programs centrally because there is very little (or poor) data available.

Does the library provide information mainly to grad students?

  • Librarians jobs are coming to a turning point. They come in at the end to narrow down results after the fact where before they helped on the front end.

University of Iowa has a central graduate admissions site that lists all grad and professional programs in one place with a similar format and content type.

What sort of services does your university provide for (staff) training?

  • CPR
  • Violent Incident Training
  • Providing for safety and awareness (safe rides etc.), crisis alert systems

Staff communities

  • CMS communities: email groups, in-system help systems, trainings
  • Ambassadors for different topics: Safety, Health and Wellness, Technology, Web, etc.
  • Issues: identity crises within the community and cross-roles (Content? Developers? Tech/Support?)
  • Examples: Nebraska, Penn State

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