High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 15: HighEdWeb Memphis

HEH 15: HighEdWeb Memphis

We delve a bit deeper into Daniel’s trip to the HighEdWeb conference in Memphis. He shares the take-aways, and we chat about how all of us can implement some of the things talked about (centralized web support across campus – pay vs. no-pay).

  • Daniel sums up HighEdWeb in Memphis
    • http://wso2.com/
    • WordPress API being developed (very close to ready)
    • Keeping yourself off an attacker’s radar
      • Recon tools show everything it can figure out about your site so you can see what other people see and lock things down.
    • Link.highedweb.org (highedweb magazine) – the entire conference was blogged.
    • A large shift in using WP in higher ed
    • WP Campus group of higher ed in WordPress
    • No more HighEdWeb Regional Conferences, moving to smaller meetups around the country.
  • Free vs. Chargeback model
    • Consultants recommendations are used because they cost $.
    • GVSU, UALR do not have chargeback models for IT/Web service.

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