High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 12: You’ve Got (Custom HTML) Mail!

HEH 12: You’ve Got (Custom HTML) Mail!

HTML emails are hard to make! We chat about the process we use to build and send email as well as how we track our users and advertise our schools. We also look into using students and classes for help.

  • React.js vs AngluarJS
  • Using student/classroom work
    • GVSU technical writing class
    • UALR prototyping
      • Working on mentoring program w/paid students to get them using actual university systems
  • Student Workers
    • GVSU hires multiple students and each student gets a mentor initially.
    • These students many times move into full-time rolls
  • What do you do with project sites that get created across campus?
    • They might live on a college server if class-based.
    • These project could be academic resources where the original author has left and nobody is around to keep it up anymore
    • GVSU has a staff server and a faculty server for these random types of projects
  • HTML emails
  • Marketing and Digital Advertising (with our sites)
  • https://css-tricks.com/inky-and-slinky/

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