High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 10: Controlled Release

HEH 10: Controlled Release

We talk about languages, which are the most popular, and which ones we like the best (and why). Iowa launches a new admissions website. How we use content types, and ways we could use them better.

  • Why does Dan love (hate?) Cold Fusion?
    • Why not just PHP?
    • http://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/  (CF is not in the top 50)
    • If we had to rewrite tomorrow, we’d go with something common since it’s easier to find developers – probably PHP.
  • Scott launched a new admissions site admissions.uiowa.edu
    • Generally positive response
    • Just a design refresh (same structure, same links)
    • We launched alongside alongside a transition to a centralized cloud hosting for Drupal (Acquia) on our campus which has had it’s own issues. That allowed admisisons to share the site with staff and partners early and get input for a week prior to launch.
  • Content types and how we use them and tools used in our CMS
    • UALR uses WordPress and has only 2 content types (posts/pages).
    • Iowa Admissions has a lot of content types in Drupal (which is built around custom content types)
    • Grand Valley only has pages as a content type in their custom CMS with a few extra modules for dates features etc.
      module dropdown
  • What do you do with pages that haven’t been visited in a year or two years?
      • GVSU will approach high traffic pages, but not removed unused content.
    • UI Library has an “out to pasture” are but keeps everything because they are a… library (servers: dim, dark, deep)
    • Internet Archive is a good place for keeping that older content
    • GVSU is rolling out a new version of their CMS and along with that providing an opportunity to sunset older pages.
  • Daniel almost got shot! (might have been a door slam)
  • Possible new content types for UALR that bubble to the top for similar pages.
    • Policies
    • Areas of study
    • Staff/Faculty Bios
  • What’s better, write your own CMS or use enterprise or off the shelf?
    • You’re going to have growing pains and add customizations no matter what.
    • Some off the shelf systems have communities
    • Build your own allows you total freedom to do what you need
  • Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: ybd, your baby daddy