High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 7: All the Link Colors of the Rainbow

HEH 7: All the Link Colors of the Rainbow

School colors and how they’re used on the website. What does that mean for link colors and accessibility? What sort of branding policy is in place? How does it work. The guys take different stances on the best way to brand a university website.

  • What are your school’s colors, and what issues do you run across using those colors on the web?
    • Accessibility
    • Color contrast
    • Is one of your colors blue, which looks like a link? What colors do you use for links?
    • Use link description for link text (WCAG) – don’t use “Click Here”
    • Rules for using them?
  • University-wide website branding
  • Urban Dictionary: Group Chat Phobia (Latin: Coetus Timore Disputatio)