High Ed Hangout Podcast HEH 4: Just Smashing…

HEH 4: Just Smashing…

Highlights from the Smashing Conference in New York, Custom 404 pages, beautiful calligraphy and more.

Smashing Conference Update from Scott and Dan

Design for touch

  • Future input devices (touch+keyboard/mouse, voice, etc.)
  • Design everything bigger: touch first
  • Can’t assume based solely on screensize alone anymore


  • Responsive SVG

Shared pattern language

  • Take an interface, cut it up
  • Sort elements into like piles
  • Share with team to help name the piles
  • Apply common language for element naming

Physical interfaces

Seb Lester (Calligraphy)

CSS Modules

  • Reduce long selectors
  • Each selector is given a unique name
  • Templating library converts
  • CSS Source Mapping

Custom 404

  • Entertaining or useful?
  • Tracking?
  • Pages have moved
  • Self-reporting